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Hurricane Preparation and Hurricane Supplies

We get a fair number of questions about supplies that we recommend or use during hurricanes. Here is a list of some. We’ll be adding more to the list as time progresses. One that I’d like to try but haven’t is the “Aqua Dam” essentially huge (6 feet or something) versions of this. They are more expensive than these smaller ones. These flood diversion tubes are alternatives to sand bags and easier to move, deploy and clean up later. There is a similar version down below. Both are helpful if you anticipate flooding.

Some supplies that we have found useful during storms – they are available from Amazon and other places making it even easier. Some places for same day delivery. Take a look at them and see what you think – and let us know in the discussion area.

These flood barriers are easy to use and are similar to the flood barriers above – we used them during Hurricane Irma to help prevent garage flooding. You just get them wet (shouldn’t be any problem!) and they expand to help block flood waters. They say they are reusable (e.g. you can dry them out and reuse them) but we haven’t done so yet.
Gorilla Tape is handy to tape things down or seal things if necessary.
Empty sand bags – obvious. 
Solar rechargeable light – handy if the power is out.

Batteries are obviously always useful: