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Why is the middle of the NHC cone 4 or 5 days out so large?

If you follow the NHC forecast cone, it seems that in many cases, the center of the NHC cone near the end of the forecast period – e.g 4 or 5 days out – is often very large so sometimes the center of the cone is missed by the center entirely. For the first […]

10 Things to do to Prepare for a Hurricane

Some things to consider if you are preparing for a hurricane.

Keep your devices (phones etc) charged.Get extra food that doesn’t need cooking, water, and batteries. Get extra medicine if you are running low. Pick up anything that could fly around in your yard. e.g. loose materials. Bring furniture inside or toss it into […]

Hurricane Evacuation tips and considerations

If you are evacuating in a hurricane, be careful. Listen to local authorities on when to leave. Even though we know plenty of people who ignore it, it is better to be safe than sorry. On that note, here are some things to consider from our continually updated list:

Make sure you have sufficient […]