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10 Things to do to Prepare for a Hurricane

Some things to consider if you are preparing for a hurricane.

  1. Keep your devices (phones etc) charged.
  2. Get extra food that doesn’t need cooking, water, and batteries. Get extra medicine if you are running low.
  3. Pick up anything that could fly around in your yard. e.g. loose materials. Bring furniture inside or toss it into your pool.
  4. Think about evacuating if you are in an evacuation zone. Make plans early if you might have to evacuate. For example if you are in a flood zone, trailer, or rickety house, think about leaving. Likewise if, for example, the storm is a cat 5 storm, (probably a 3 or 4 too) you’ll want to evacuate, but listen to your local authorities.
  5. Fill your car with gasoline, and top it off later if needed.
  6. Don’t overdose on the media. They like eyeballs.
  7. Turn down your freezer to the coldest level.
  8. As far as the cone from the NHC goes, that shows their projections of where the eye – the center of the storm – will go over 3-5 days. Some storms have tropical storm force winds 200-250 miles out from the center. So just because the eye isn’t coming for you doesn’t mean you’ll have blue skies and sun. Likewise, look at when winds are projected to arrive.
  9. A Hurricane Watch means be prepared, you may have hurricane conditions in your area. Ditto for a tropical storm watch.
  10. A Hurricane Warning means that in all likelihood you’ll have hurricane conditions within 36 hours, perhaps less.


11. Don’t panic.

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