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Hurricane Idalia, Our Notes

Wednesday 8/29/2923, 7:45am: looking at the satellite it appears it just made landfall

Tuesday, 8/29/2023, 9:12pm: The eye is showing up on both radar and satellite now showing the quick increase in intensity. One expects it much stronger by morning.

Tuesday 8/29/2023, 12:40pm: As far as NE Florida flooding, perhaps the relative position of Franklin with the circulation, it may help mitigate some of the flooding.

Monday 8/28/2023, 10:30pm: Watch the wind field expand as it moves out over the gulf tonight and tomorrow.

Monday 8/28/2023: 9:45pm: It appears now that the center re-forms a bit north-west of the center before

Monday 8/28/2023, 8:15pm: It looks a little less organized on the last few frames, perhaps the center is reforming.

Saturday 8/26/2023, 2:13pm: It looks to us like it will be a Cat 2 or Cat 3 at landfall depending on the exact track.

Saturday 8/26/2023, 12:43pm: The NHC isn’t issuing advisories yet, but we suspect they will shortly.

All subject to change and our opinion.

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