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Rush for National Hurricane Center to name storms?

An excellent article over at the Houston Chronicle on the NHC’s recent rush to name storms.

… a controversy is brewing over decisions of the National Hurricane Center to designate several borderline systems as tropical storms.

Some meteorologists, including former hurricane center director Neil Frank, say as many as six of this year’s 14 […]

Hurricane Katrina final report

The Final report from the National Hurricane Center on Hurricane Katrina has been issued.

The highlights on Hurricane Katrina are as follows:

1. Hurricane Katrina was a category three (3) storm when it made its closest approach to New Orleans, although it had been a category five (5) storm previously.

2. “The strongest winds […]

Does Global Warming impact hurricanes?

Perspective on Global WarmingGlobal Warming and HurricanesDr. William M. Gray’s comments on tropical cyclone numbers, duration and intensity(Fall 2005, pdf).Dr. William M. Gray’s comments on destructiveness (Fall 2005, pdf).Global Warming didn’t cause Katrina (or Wilma)