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Hurricane Idalia, Our Notes

Wednesday 8/29/2923, 7:45am: looking at the satellite it appears it just made landfall

Tuesday, 8/29/2023, 9:12pm: The eye is showing up on both radar and satellite now showing the quick increase in intensity. One expects it much stronger by morning.

Tuesday 8/29/2023, 12:40pm: As far as NE Florida flooding, perhaps the relative position […]

Why is the middle of the NHC cone 4 or 5 days out so large?

If you follow the NHC forecast cone, it seems that in many cases, the center of the NHC cone near the end of the forecast period – e.g 4 or 5 days out – is often very large so sometimes the center of the cone is missed by the center entirely. For the first […]