Hurricane & Tropical Storm names that have been retired

Alphabetical list of hurricane names that have been retired, through the 2004 season. It is suspected that Katrina and perhaps Wilma will be retired in 2005, but that is purely speculation.

Agnes 1972
Alicia 1983
Allen 1980
Allison 2001
Andrew 1992
Anita 1977
Audrey 1957
Betsy 1965
Beulah 1967
Bob 1991
Camille 1969
Carla 1961
Carmen 1974
Carol 1954
Celia 1970
Cesar 1996
Charley 2004
Cleo 1964
Connie 1955
David 1979
Diana 1990
Diane 1955
Donna 1960
Dora 1964
Edna 1968
Elena 1985
Eloise 1975
Fabian 2003
Fifi 1974
Flora 1963
Floyd 1999
Fran 1996
Frances 2004
Frederic 1979
Georges 1998
Gilbert 1988
Gloria 1985
Hattie 1961
Hazel 1954
Hilda 1964
Hortense 1996
Hugo 1989
Inez 1966
Ione 1955
Iris 2001
Isabel 2003
Isidore 2002
Ivan 2004
Janet 1955
Jeanne 2004
Joan 1988
Juan 2003
Keith 2000
Klaus 1990
Lenny 1999
Lili 2002
Luis 1995
Marilyn 1995
Michelle 2001
Mitch 1998
Opal 1995
Roxanne 1995

Source: National Hurricane Center.


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