Tropical Depressions 8 and 9

Tropical Depression 8 formed today well out in the Atlantic at 11am according to the National Hurricane Center. TD 8 was looking good on the satellite last evening so this comes as no surprise. TD 9 also formed in the Gulf of Mexico and Tropical Storm warnings are up for parts of Texas.

Likewise, no one should be surprised if we have Tropical Storm Humberto and/or Ingrid by later today or tomorrow.

Any bets on whether TD 9 will be Ingrid or Humberto?

Our best guess is the TD 9 will be Humberto and TD 8 will be Ingrid. [Turned out to be the way it happend. ]While TD 8 looks more impressive on the satellite, an Air Force aircraft will be investigating TD 9 sooner than TD 8 and given its proximity to Texas, it will likely be named first. [As time showed, Humberto’s overall organization improved very quickly after this post.]