Hurricane Dean at Landfall

Hurricane Dean had the third lowest landfall central pressure of any Atlantic Hurricane. This is after Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 and the Labor Day hurricane of 1935.

Maximum winds were 165 mpg with gusts reaching 200 mph with a centeral pressure of 906 mb.

The 1935 Labor Day hurricane (892 mb) which hit the Florida Keys.
Hurricane Gilbert (900 mb estimated) hit Cancun, Mexico in 1988.

Only 8 other Category 5 Hurricanes have hit land in recorded history: Hurricane Andrew in 1992 (165 mph winds at landfall) and Hurricane Camille in 1969 were two others.

Hurricane Wilma (2005) remains the strongest Atlantic hurricane with 882 millibars while the strongest Pacific storm was Typhoon Tip (1979) with 870 mb and 190 mph winds.